Nowadays we live in a time of chaos. Our society and the environment itself force us more to survive than to live. Yet some of us have managed to stay inspired and find their creative flow.

After all, it’s always in a climate of tension that we need creators the most.

Even in times of war, artists around the globe have always found a way to create that space to let their ideas flow and their voice speak.

Well, let me tell you about this new artist I just discovered and his unique gift.

Recently I went to a live show in L.A. that’s when I found him: Taoma Moon.

Tommaso Gimignani, in art Taoma Moon, is a young musician, a singer-songwriter originally from Italy, but mostly active in the U.S. especially in the Los Angeles music scene.

He started his career as a film composer, working on films and documentaries like the trilogy of “Exiles” and the groundbreaking production of “Womanity”, but most of all, Taoma is an incredible singer and live performer.

I had the chance to see Taoma Moon live at The Viper Room in the heart of Hollywood.

It didn’t take long for me to understand his talent once I’ve heard his voice.

He sings like he borrowed his vocal chords from an angel but fell in love with the sound and now has stolen them forever.

His creative ways of expressing himself through guitar, ukulele, and piano are so fun to watch, he made me feel like I was part of the show.

The songs are mostly talking about the human condition, love, fear, but most of all hope.

That was really uplifting despite the dramatic charge of the tunes.

Listening to him gives you so much of that hope to make you want to research more about him, or about yourself.

This is when I understood the kind of person he is.

I couldn’t explain why each one of his songs was taking me on such a visual journey. First I thought it must have just been the lyrical content or the stylistic choices of his arrangements, but later I found out he’s an amazing music composer!

That’s when it started to make sense, all those chord progressions needed to be coming from another kind of place, where the heart is not just talking about a story but instead is living and seeing it at the moment in full power. The power of Imagination.

This crossover of styles, almost like if Pop, Rock and Ethnic Music met the world of film soundtracks is definitely something unique. His voice goes anywhere from an intimate and fragile whisper to the echoing roar of a lion, it is truly impressive to see what he can do.

But the reason I wanted to talk about him is not just because I liked his music.

Taoma Moon has incredible content as a human being and is able to connect to such a deep level with his audience, almost like a shaman or another sort of magic man would do.

I was missing this kind of depth in the underground music scene in L.A. and having found this artist has brought me a lot of inspiration.

I was really captured by his performance and ability to channel a greater power while being on stage.

There’s a song in particular that I will never forget. Its name is Luna.

It starts as the most intimate conversation between a man and his lover, but then in the chorus turns to a fearless ode to the sun. You can almost see the blazing sunbeams coming through him as he sings and plays the guitar.

His work as a composer is even more incredible.

Taoma is a very well rounded musician, this is something I have been able to understand reading his posts and following his career path.

The kind of work he does on movies is very different than the live shows.

Listening to some of his songs it seemed to me that he really enjoys being able to stay away from the typical formats of songs, and instead to approach the music experience in a more formless way, giving the piece more freedom to unfold in different variations.

His ability to deliver emotions through sound is truly remarkable and is what made me want to write this piece in the first place.

Rarely I’ve seen this type of artistry in L.A., it’s reassuring to know that someone out there has found the courage to go against all odds and be himself.

I highly recommend checking this artist out, as he’s about to drop his first solo single!

What an exciting moment to be around as an artist. It is extremely challenging but can be immensely rewarding!

We need more artists like Taoma Moon, who is not afraid to talk to people about breaking out of their comfort zone and create the existence they truly want, even if that means moving away and leaving everyone behind, a city, a country, a relationship. “All is worth letting go for the purpose of finding your true voice.” (his words from the stage).

To chase your dreams and live them is the best way we can experience life on earth, and there are no doubts about that.

Taoma tells you his story at every show, to connect and build an unbreakable bond with his audience. He opens up about all his weaknesses, with no fear of being hurt. He trusts his audience, therefore his audience trusts him.

I appreciate it so much when artists are real and genuine, spontaneous and creative. It creates a really magical environment where everything goes back to the simple things.

Honestly, I am really happy I have discovered this artist, I can hardly wait to hear more from him!

In the meantime, I’ll drop his social media links down below so you can check him out.

I wish you all the best in your career and along your path, Taoma Moon.

Keep on making us dream with your magic.

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