JobSearch50 is a job board and resume service devoted to job seekers over 50 years old and the employers who support them.

DENVER, CO, January 10, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — JobSearch50 launched nationwide on 10/16/2019 and currently has approximately 150,000 job postings. As the population lives longer and works well into their 70’s, we will advocate for job seekers that want to find a job without concern for their age.

Founder, CEO and former Human Resources Executive, Joe Stam states, “This job board and resume service has been developed to provide opportunities to job seekers over 50 years old and to bring attention to ageism. It is important to create an awareness that ageism is counterproductive and does not benefit companies or workers. Employers can’t afford to ignore the millions of talented, capable and hardworking individuals that are a vital part of our economy. Long term experience and the willingness to work provides a stability that all businesses should highly value.”

JobSearch50 will allow job seekers to find employers that value their experience as well as provide resources such as professional resume writing services. Unique to JobSearch50 is a section called “My Story” on the profile page. In this section, job seekers can highlight proud life and career moments that may not traditionally be added to a resume. Employers can view this as a supplement to a job seeker’s resume.

More than ever, older workers are in search of employment to boost productivity, longevity, and overall happiness. It is the mission of JobSearch50 to provide advocacy and opportunities that allow them to showcase their experience, talents and achievements without relevance to age.

By 2024 the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that, “…the labor force will grow to 164 million. That number includes approximately 50 million people who will be age 50 and older of whom about 37 million are under the age of 65 and 13 million workers over the age of 65.”

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