Quality car sales leads are essential for every car dealer to initiate customer interest and land sales but this can be difficult in today’s highly competitive market. Finding new leads for your car sales business doesn’t have to be a challenge! LeadLocate provides an excellent solution to help car salesmen generate quality leads. It delivers fresh leads to you, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, like selling.

LeadLocate is web-based lead generation software specifically designed to drive quality leads for car salesmen. Once you have these in-market customer leads, you can use LeadLocate to contact potential clients with a phone call, SMS/text message or email all without leaving your web browser.

Whether you are a new or used car dealer, LeadLocate provides you quality leads using powerful integrated tools that generate leads by targeting customers who are currently looking to buy cars. It will help you locate and contact every person interested in buying a car quickly so that they have no time to consider your competition.

LeadLocate uses keywords to focus geographic areas, brands, and every other aspect related to car sales lead generation. By searching through local classified advertising websites like Craigslist, Backpage and eBay, LeadLocate utilizes specific keywords to find you prospects.

LeadLocate gets you in front of ready customers and get them to engage. No one wants to waste time with fake prospects that are just browsing the web and submitting inquiries on every website possible. LeadLocate’s innovative feed tool finds car buyers that are ready to buy immediately, which means your calls/emails/texts will have higher chances of closing your sales than ignored.

LeadLocate is extremely simple to use and easy to set up. Its easy web interface allows instant interaction with sales leads. You can contact the lead directly via phone, email, or SMS immediately after they post – all through one LeadLocate web system. You can also choose to receive a notification whenever anyone in your chosen geographical area posts about the brand or model you specify.

Every day, millions of consumers post about cars on social media. Some are potential buyers; some are posting their vehicles for sale. All of them are in-market quality sales leads for your automotive business. LeadLocate.com leverages modern internet technology by constantly scanning social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for keywords related to automotive posts. It collects this information in a slick, user-friendly, validated format to create the best automotive lead generation available today.

With a subscription, LeadLocate assigns you an account manager to set up your account, set up your search and help get you started on collecting sales leads. It features unlimited dealer support to get you the leads you need to start buying and selling. In addition, you get to enjoy 24/7 technical support.

Boosting ads on social media can be expensive, and broadcasting them to users not currently in the market can be a waste. Imagine pre-qualifying leads for your social media campaigns and knowing who is interested in your products right now in your area.

In conclusion, LeadLocate has shown proven results by successfully helping many car dealers with quality lead generation. For example, car dealerships use LeadLocate to find local cars sale leads for trades or clients looking for a new or used vehicle and they receive over 100 leads a day on average. Therefore, if you are ready to grow your car dealership business, LeadLocate is the answer to your lead generation problems. Want over 100 fresh leads daily? There is actually no limit to how many leads you receive. Visit https://leadlocate.com/ to learn more!