Laser engraved items are popular among people of virtually all ages and organizations and businesses for various purposes from personalized business cards to recognition awards. There are several ways to make money with a laser engraving business, which is why this industry is almost as popular as engraved items.

Not only is laser engraving a profitable business, it’s a growing and evolving industry with several niches that requires a surprisingly small investment in the scheme of starting a business. To top it all off, laser systems are relatively easy to setup and use as long as you can follow directions and you have basic computer and photo-editing software knowledge and skills.

Ideas for a Laser Engraving Business

  • Photo engraving on marble for family memorabilia
  • Wedding gifts like etched bride and groom glasses or photo albums
  • Signage like customized signs made of acrylic or wood
  • Business cards from wood or plastic
  • Personalized ornaments or other trinkets

Laser engraving is more versatile than you can imagine, especially if you’re the creative type.

What do you need to start laser engraving?

The biggest investment you’ll make is the laser engraving system, which starts at under $8,000. Naturally, there are laser engraving machines that can cost over $40,000, but just to get started, you can do with a lesser investment in equipment without sacrificing quality.

You may also need to invest in graphic software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDRAW unless it comes with your machines. If you don’t have any knowledge or skills with these programs, you can take classes at a local school, get a tutor, or learn from free video tutorials online.

The laser engraver works like a printer. You create your designed image, then “print” (engrave) it to the media in a mere few minutes.

How much can you profit from laser engraving?

When you engrave an item, you’re adding value to it. Price your items according to the complexity of the design/logo/text, the time it takes, and factor in the price of the item and the resources (like electricity) you used while making it. Depending on the job and how many of something you make, you could pay or almost pay for your laser system with your first job.

What materials can be engraved?

The niche you choose for laser engraving will determine the materials upon which you will engrave. The basic materials used for laser engraving include wood, plastic, acrylic, marble, fabric, leather, glass, and ceramics to name a few. You can find out what materials your machine will engrave by looking at the owner’s manual or by asking for professional advice. Don’t invest in materials until you know what your niche for laser engraving is.

If you’re truly looking to start an engraving business, it’s crucial to ask questions when you’re shopping for laser printers. The manufacturer or salesperson should have enough product knowledge to help answer your basic questions. Otherwise, consider getting involved in local business associations and ask someone who does or has done laser engraving.

Article by Needham Coding