In exciting news for those who love art restoration and cars, The Academy of Art University has recently added a new degree, an Associate of Arts Degree in Automotive Restoration. Originating in 2015, the new degree offers a wealth of opportunities for those passionate about all things related to automobiles and their restoration.

As author Dan Stoner explains,

“Tom and Lloyd put their heads together to sketch out a two-year introduction to the restoration industry. Woodwork, metal shaping, paint, mechanical restoration, sure. But also fabrication, CAD/CAM design, research and historical survey, tag-n-bag documentation and 3D modeling. The goal, as it began to materialize in those first talks, was to expose the kids to the full spectrum of automotive restoration, provide a foundation, and then let them decide what they’d like to specialize in.”

Certainly, the incredible car collection housed at the Academy of Art University helps a great deal with the course study and it a resource for the Industrial Design School’s Transportation Design program. The passion for collecting cars started with Richard A. Stephens and has continued to this day by his family. And this collection gives a truly unique opportunity to those interested in the Associate of Arts Degree in Automotive Restoration.