On August 15th, Eye’z co-hosted the radio show “Thoughts Of A Common Man” which is hosted by Charles Williams on radiovalencia.fm. Filmmaker, Director,  and SF Black Film Festival Winner Soumyaa Behrens was the guest on the show. In addition to occasionally co-hosting “Thoughts Of A Common Man”, Eye’z is very busy singing, acting, and doing whatever else she can do to advance her career. Eye’z shared some of her experiences working in the entertainment field, as did Ms. Behrens. Both Eye’z and Ms. Behrens are women working to have the careers they want, and although it isn’t always easy, they are both succeeding at that. Host Charles Williams has spent years in the Navy in several different roles. Currently Mr. Williams is working with the police department and the school system in Oakland to help the area and the young people of the area. He also wrote a book which is also called “Thoughts Of A Common Man”. Everyone on the show was very relaxed and you could tell that they enjoyed doing the show and interacting with each other.

Soumyaa discussed what got her into film-making and communications, among another things. She talked about early in her career spending some time working in Finland and how when she came back to San Francisco she felt that she needed education on film making, in addition to her life experiences. It was then that she applied to a film school, was accepted, and completed her education.    Soumyaa discussed some of the things she has seen and done on a film set which is a reminder of something else: it’s all just a job. In addition, Soumyaa discussed an issue that a lot of women face today: achieving a home life/work life balance. Ms. Behrens has one child and is trying to have it all, like so many women do. By discussing this Soumyaa gives all women who think they can’t “do it all” that it is truly possible to balance work and home life without letting either one suffer.

Eye’z, Charles, and Soumyaa not only discussed the entertainment field, they also had deeper discussions about life, and put all together it was a very interesting show. They talked about not only the problems facing us here in the U.S., but also the problems facing countries across the world. It’s good to see people who work in the entertainment field discuss important topics to the world, especially since so many people like to tell entertainers that they should not give their opinions. Hearing famous people talk about every day things also reminds us that they are every day people, just like the rest of us. Their jobs may appear more glamorous than the our jobs, but at the end of the day it’s all still just a job. While watching Eye’z and Soumyaa on “Thoughts Of A Common Man”, I discovered a great radio show and it’s something that I will watch again. It was both interesting and thought provoking.

Written by Janet Lee Smith