Brazilian-born, LA based singer-writer and audio-visual creator, Ladi Anne debuts her first original collaborative project entitled, ‘Villas’. An emotion-binding, raw and authentic piano composition and tribute to late father. Inspired by his vivid, continuing life lessons of (examples) everlasting his absence in the artist’s life. This the first in many collaborative projects aimed to unite both visual and musical creators together for a common message to the world.

Ladi Anne brings together a captivating audio-visual art piece in, ‘Villas’. Serving up a dramatic showing of desaturated cold colours and a collaborative visual showcase with the sensational talent, Marion Crampe. This world-renowned dancer, featured recently on the Ellen Degeneres show is able to convey her own message of contrast. Marion is able to convert the previously taboo and often obscene practice of pole dance to a mesmerizing and eloquent art form. Bringing together with Ladi Anne life to the message of the track. A clear message of self-healing, self-realization and self-alignment through completely immersing yourself in creativity and in the genuine expression of art.