Exploring High Yield Investments, the State of the Junk Bond Market, and Some Top-Yield Dividend Picks

NEW YORK, NY, December 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — America’s Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman invited Bryan Perry—former adviser for Wall Street firms, Bloomberg affiliate, and founder of investor hub Cash Machine—on the Money Answers Show to discuss why retirees should be exploring high yield investments, the state of the junk bond market, and some top-yield dividend picks.

The Money Answers Show episode, “Earn High Yields With Dividend Paying Stocks“, explains what high yield stocks are and how to track them, how to pick high quality high yield stocks, and where high yield assets should be positioned in an overall investment strategy.

The episode introduces the origin of Perry’s career in the high yield bond market. In the 90s while appearing on Bloomberg radio, he was asked to talk more about high yields, which eventually spawned his book, The 25% Cash Machine. This led to other ventures in the field of high yield investments and his comprehensive newsletter portfolio on BryanPerryInvesting.com. A significant portion of Perry’s investment focus lies in helping the retirement community generate income without blowing through their retirement nest eggs.

After Perry’s introduction, he and Jordan look at the overall economic situation. “So here we are. The Market’s been hitting all-time record highs lately,” begins Jordan. There are negative interest rates in Europe; 2% or below in the US. The Federal Reserve has cut rates three times. How does this all add up? Perry explains, “The market lost four and a half percent in the first week of October…It looked as if the slow growth in Europe and the trade war with China was starting to wash up on our shores.” But there’s an inherent resiliency in the market.

“This market is like Rocky. You can hit it, but it just keeps coming off the mat,” says Perry.,” says Perry. Facilitating investment targeting, the stock market is getting smaller. Today there’s about 3,600 stocks to trade; twenty years ago there was 9,000. “So the stock market is disappearing,” he says, revealing the gems from the dust. And capital continues to flow to the US; the dollar’s been strong. “We’re at kind of a sweet spot here, where the market is anticipating that the third quarter…just may be a trough, and that may be a soft spot, then we’re going to see a reacceleration of growth in the fourth quarter and into 2020.”

Jordan asks Perry about what might happen with the US-China trade dispute. Perry reveals skepticism that the Chinese will make major concessions to prevent ID theft and forced technology transfers. How will the market react? Perry simplifies, “Every time this comes around, the market seems to shake it off better than the prior time…every time the trade war cries wolf.” The tariffs haven’t harmed the growth of the American economy as much as economists had been forecasting. Investors are also watching the Trump impeachment affair, which will affect the decision on Chinese tariffs. “The market tends to be more right than wrong,” says Perry, and market right now is saying that the impeachment will not result in the removal of President Trump from office and therefore will not affect the economy or stock market very much.

Jordan then invited Perry to explain each of his newsletters aimed at producing high yields. Cash Machine presents a portfolio of twenty to thirty securities. It includes closed-end funds, business development corporations, and unique securities like exchange traded notes. It blends quarterly payment securities with monthly payment securities. Perry says, “We’re able to manufacture a blended yield around 8.5-8.6% in the current market place…It’s just really hard to beat that yield.” Premium Income sells covered calls on high yield securities. Quick Income Trading is a swing trading service that uses blue chip stocks and ETFs to generate 5-7% returns in 30-45 days. And High Tech Trader is an AI-driven algorithm-based trading service for technology stocks and 5G. You can check out Perry’s other newsletters on his website.

Listen to the entire episode to get more expert knowledge about high yield investing, retirement preparation, and trending investment opportunities. For more on how to seek and capitalize on high yielding investments and how to effectively prepare for retirement, listen to “Higher Yield Investing With Preferred Stock Funds“, “How To Invest Like The Wealthy“, “Secure And Successful Retirement – YES!“, and other great money growing content from the Money Answers Show.

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