Marna Lynn Discussed How Successful, Effective Communication (with children) Has Everything to Do with Understanding the Brain

ENGLEWOOD, NJ, October 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Marna Lynn MSW, LCSW, the accomplished founder and director of Bergen Family Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ. spoke to a group of parents and educational professionals at Fusion Academy, 10 Sterling Blvd., Englewood, NJ.

The group was either parenting or working with children ages 2 through the teenage years. They were asked to identify the issues they struggled with most or upon which they would like to improve. It was clear that communication was the topic for discussion, specifically when dealing with emotions like; anger, upset, hurt or children consumed and distracted by technical devices such as cell phones and computers.

Understanding the role, the primitive mind plays in modern communication and interaction with children (and adults) is necessary to understand how we receive or don’t receive communications stated Ms. Lynn. Using her understanding of interpersonal neurobiology, Ms. Lynn broke down and presented the brain’s components that have evolved over thousands of years and those that have not.

Ms. Lynn demonstrated when a child is angry, hurt, frustrated or upset, using logic to communicate, simply does not work. Scientific Research has shown-the brain is not capable of receiving logic under these conditions. Ms. Lynn enthusiastically presented her parenting tools and the ABC’s of handling non-happy feelings; Acknowledge, Believe and Cope, which happens to work with people of all ages, and the group responded in kind. “Science and psychology have finally come together and are giving us the answers,” stated Ms. Lynn.

Marna Lynn is on the cutting edge of emotional brain based research within the field of psychotherapy. In addition to her extensive expertise, she has experience and training within the area of the newest brain research and emotional physiology. Marna’s insightful content and dynamic delivery style turn an ordinary presentation into a life-changing event.

Marna Lynn is currently engaged in speaking to audiences as well as tending to her private practice at Bergen Family Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ. Her next engagement is as an expert commentator at the Ridgewood screening of Screenagers.

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