To cut it as a fashion designer these days, it is absolutely imperative to be a designer with forward thinking and cutting edge designs. Fortunately, we have found someone that excels in both areas. Janvi Ghatalia – a young, talented and fresh designer from India. Janvi has been perusing her passion, to create clothes since she was 12 years old. She has been apart of several fashion shows and fashion events. Making a simple sketch come to life is what drew her into this industry.

Last October, Janvi put together a fashion show for ‘Bright, Young things – 2013’ that set a new standard for up and coming designers in the industry like her. Everything about Janvi’s show was tremendous, from colour scheme to execution, her attention to details is remarkable and her concept was thoroughly visible through each piece, she was able to manipulate fabric in such a way that created a lasting impression on everyone in the arena. It was evident that Ms. Ghatalia focused on three main aspects of her collection – fit, flare and style.  Her designs were timeless yet fashion forward.

Ms. Ghatalia has since been working on new projects and endeavours that may reshape the fashion industry. We look forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve.