New Name Reflects Marriage of Fieldsheer and Mobile Warming Brands; Allows Company to Expand “Smart Wearables” Business

SAN MARCOS, CA, December 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tech Gear 5.7, makers of Fieldsheer® Performance Motorcycle Gear and Mobile Warming® Heated Apparel, has officially relaunched as Fieldsheer Apparel Technologies. The company will also rebrand its Mobile Warming heated apparel line as Fieldsheer Heated Apparel with Mobile Warming Technology.

Beginning immediately and continuing through the first half of 2020, the company will transition the company name and its heated apparel line to the Fieldsheer® brand. During this time, the company will merge the Fieldsheer® and Mobile Warming® websites and launch its new Fieldsheer logo and packaging designs as it rolls out its 2020 product offering.

With a legacy of over 40 years, the Fieldsheer® brand has been synonymous with innovation and technology in the apparel space with its high-quality, technical motorcycle gear. Out of this legacy, Mobile Warming was born as one of the first heated products on the market. That product allowed motorcycle rider stay warm and comfortable on the coldest days. Now, in a move designed to align the company’s history with its future, and to continue building on its message of innovation as it expands with the introduction of additional technologies, the company is merging Mobile Warming into the Fieldsheer brand.

Mobile Warming® started as an innovative, Bluetooth-based, heated-clothing technology developed by Fieldsheer. Mobile Warming has expanded to broader markets, and it has been well-received by consumers who want to stay warm and comfortable while engaging in a wide range of outdoor activities.

KC Bean, CEO of Fieldsheer Apparel Technologies, who will continue in the same role with the renamed organization, explained that the new branding reflects much more than a simple name change.

“The move to Fieldsheer Apparel Technologies more accurately emphasizes our focus on technology and the shift from a clothing company to a bona fide technology organization,” he said. “We’re no longer a company that just happens to incorporate cutting-edge technology into its apparel. We are focusing on a number of rapidly evolving technologies, including advanced fabrics and textiles, integration of sensors, haptics [involving touch], and two-way data communications with the garments. These advances are opening the door to becoming a ‘smart clothing’ business, producing wearables that interact with the user through the most advanced electronics.

“We see Mobile Warming Technology as a technology platform. Our long-term objective is to build on our expertise by introducing additional functionality into our garment designs, not just textile-based, temperature control with heating and cooling, but also electronics integration that provides smart functionality. Mobile Warming Technology is the first step on our new journey with smart apparel.”


Based in San Marcos, CA, Fieldsheer Apparel Technologies integrates fashion forward apparel designs with leading edge technology to bring the most advanced heated clothing to market. The company’s flagship brand, Fieldsheer®, was founded over 40 years ago as the premier manufacturer of high-quality technical motorcycle gear. Out of that legacy, we produced some of the earliest heated clothing on the market. Recently, the company incorporated Mobile Warming® Technology its innovative, Bluetooth-based, heated-clothing technology, under the Fieldsheer brand. Fieldsheer Heated Apparel with Mobile Warming Technology is ideal for use during virtually all cold-weather outdoor activities, and is the brand’s first line of smart clothing, opening the door to future offerings with a wide range of high-tech functionality. For more information, visit

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