Pure Italian Foods is a unique Italian-American organization created by AIDEPI to promote authentic Italian brands in the United States. With the number of fake and non-authentic Italian food products hocking themselves off as “imported from Italy,” the country’s leading food brands have found themselves recently having to compete with faux Italian brands that produce their products at reduced costs elsewhere.

Pure Italian Foods is a new web platform, which is sourcing all of the unique recipes and Purely Italian brands so that true health and food lovers can explore an online repository of unique boutique products and recipes. In addition to promoting new unique recipes, the company has also recently partnered with local creative talent and animation students to develop some really awesome creative videos.

These creative videos, which are formatted in a Stop-Go animation style were all made with real pasta and confectionery items from the various companies that are currently a part of AIDEPI. Each second of the video is estimated to have taken over 1 hour to complete and there were thousands of frames placed together to actualize the final product.

Currently, Pure Italian has a number of boutique and premium tiered brands in its portfolio. The organization’s primary goal is to spread awareness about quality Italian brands that produce their products at the source and export them directly from Italy. As the United States turns to being more health conscious, we can definitely see this trend developing further. Pure Italian has recently started growing a substantial following across Instagram, youtube, and twitter and are planning to promote their content more this summer.

To Learn more about Pure Italian you can visit their website here.