While modern technologies change our world, we help companies with innovative technologies. From E-Commerce to Fintech, from Machine Learning Development to Blockchain – we’ve got the necessary expertise to help you deliver your product.

LONDON, ENGLAND, November 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Automate or optimise things and processes, predict the future and extract valuable insights for your business, engage your customers with innovative technologies such as Face Recognition or Automated Suggestions and make decision with confidence with Data-Driven Insights and Predictive Analytics, diving into the world of modern Artificial Intelligence solutions provided by a reliable Technology partner, such as SPD Group.

SPD Group is an outsource software company that has 13+ years of custom software solutions engineering experience. The clients we are working with have access to over 350 in-house specialists in engineering, Product Management, Business Analytics, and Quality Assurance, certified by Java Oracle, ISTQB, Scrum Alliance, and other organizations.

We have a fully-fledged R&D department dedicated to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, founded in 2017, with experience in various industries such as Retail (E-Commerce, Offline), Logistics, Agriculture, Insurance, Banking, Hospitality and Finance, hands-on experience in Data Engineering and Analytics, various solutions related to Image Processing & Video Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Decision Management.

Along with working on projects, the team successfully participates in Kaggle competitions on Data Science in a highly competitive environment with 2000+ engineers involved and often wins the 3rd or 5th place, tackling such issues as Fraud Detection in Online Transaction, Farm Pin Crop Detection, Steel defects detection, Predictive Analytics for Logistics and other.

Our Engagement Models

We offer versatile engagement models that cater to any business type needs, providing a step to step consistent cooperation, depending on the stage of the Project.

On the Project Evaluation step, we identify problems, approaches, data requirements, outcomes and next steps with a 1 to 3 weeks workshop. If the client is ready to try with the Project but not sure if to put it on the scale, we offer a Proof of Concept Development within 2 to 4 weeks where we conduct a quick Data Preparation process and Model training that gives first results.

The full-range Project Development process can start either after the Project Evaluation stage, or Proof of Concept with all necessary steps starting from Data Engineering, Feature Engineering to Model training/retraining and Model Deployment, followed by ongoing maintenance of the solution.

AI benefits for business

There are various ways how AI can leverage businesses from medium to large scale, but the best practices usually include solutions for more productive cooperation with customers such as: predicting the customer behavior in a long run, get insights on the best way to approach individual customers, analyzing everything from purchasing patterns to customer behavior and social media interactions.

AI solutions that can boost the overall success of the business strategy: increasing the share of business segment, identifying target markets taking into account the real data and indicators, prevention of business losses.

Each business is unique and every Machine Learning solution as well should be, so as a technology partner SPD Group is always trying to comprehensively analyze the business problem of the client and come up with the best decision to help him or her instead of only being a task-doer.

Solutions for digital transformation

Digital transformation stands for taking the repetitive and routine job from humans while making it quicker and free from human-generated errors. AI makes the production process automated and only requires a short moment for the machine to make an informed decision, say, documenting and recording information.

While automating some processes, AI can optimize those things that cannot be fully dependant on machines yet, such as improving the employers’ performance and enhancing the workflow with AI-driven tools. It can help you make the right decision with the prediction of risks and extracting valuable business insights, which is achieved by Predictive Maintenance and Root cause analysis.

Clients’ highlights

We have been refining our engineering skills while working on large, complex projects with clients from all over the world:

• PitchBook Data, pitchbook.com Research and analyze companies, deals, funds, investors and service providers across the entire private investment lifecycle. Acquired at $225 million valuations, SPD Group is a partner in development and support with 185 specialists involved by the end of 2018

• BlackhawkNetwork, blackhawknetwork.com Connect brands, and people through innovative commerce, incentives, and engagement solution. SPD Group is a partner in development and support

• Poynt, poynt.com A revolutionary open commerce platform empowering merchants with software and services to transform their business.

• Roche, roche.com A global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives.

Top AI companies exploration

The results of a private poll on AI/ML companies conducted by SPD Group show that the area is considered one of the most expensive among different solutions offered by IT companies. This investigation gives a worldwide image on the quality of service given by companies from New Jersey to Tel Aviv in Machine Learning solutions, as well as how high they estimate their work. Therefore, every business should wisely consider the partner before entering the AI integration phase, weighing all pros and cons of the future collaboration which may last for long years and be highly productive or time and money consuming, but useless.

You can read more about this poll on our company’s site – https://spd.group/machine-learning/top-ai-companies/

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While modern technologies change our world, we help companies with innovative technologies. From E-Commerce to Fintech, from Machine Learning Development to Blockchain – we’ve got the necessary expertise to help you deliver your product on time and within the budget.

Experience. Quality-driven delivery based on 13+ years of Custom Software Engineering experience, Agile methodology, Regular communications and Performance reports.

Innovations. A well-balanced blend of modern technologies, including Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain.

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