Batam island is one of the islands found in Riau Archipelago. There are more than two thousand islands and Batam is one of the big islands. The other big island is Bintan. In this case, Batam Indonesia is famous because it becomes the gate to reach Singapore from Indonesia. It is also possible to visit Johor from Singapore. Singapore and Batam are only separated by 15 km straight, so it is not too far. This is supported by ferry terminals. Batam has 5 ferry terminals, so it will not be too difficult to access Singapore. Because of the location, Singapore, Batam and Johor Malaysia is said to have free trade zone. This point makes Batam more famous as one of the centers of industry and business. The shopping center can also be found on this island. However, those are not the only interesting things to find in Batam. This island also has its own way to show the beauty of the island.

The first destination to visit is Nagoya. Nagoya can be the right place to represent the shopping center of Batam. This location has shopping complex located at Nagoya Super Block. This can be the paradise of shopping. Nagoya really knows what to provide for all people who love shopping. Malls and the streets are connected by the integrated city walk. This is similar to city walk found in Singapore. While walking along the street, it is also possible to find various foods. Many restaurants are found along the streets offering Chinese Food and other foods, even Peking Duck. To access Nagoya is not difficult. Location of Nagoya is close to the City Center, so accommodation and transportation can be found easily. Surely, this is the shopping destination of Batam Indonesia.

Shopping is not the only things to find in Batam. Batam is not only about business, industry, and shopping, but there is also the beauty of nature offered by this island. People can get a great escape from the crowd of the towns. They can find peaceful spots surrounded by sea. Of course, diving and snorkeling are offered. Sea gardens are ready to explore and beautiful sea creatures will welcome the visitors. Those can be found in Bawah Island and Abang Island. These two islands have awesome sea gardens of Batam Indonesia.

  • Bawah Island is part of Anambas Islands, as one of the Indonesia borders in the northern area. This has the tropical paradise. Even, because of its beauty, the island is compared to the Maldives and it is called as Maldives of Anambas. It may not be too excessive since the islands have clear and clean water. Then, the island is made by several islets and they form a beautiful lagoon. During the low tide, the islands are connected by the white sand, and the blue lagoon can be found in the midst of The sea of this island has beautiful creatures of fish and other sea animals, so it is great for diving and snorkeling.
  • Abang Island is famous for its coral reef rehabilitation. International Association for coral reef rehabilitation already makes this island as the special site for coral reef observation. This is possible to happen since the water quality in this island is great. The water is clean and clear like a crystal. Because of the water quality, many coral reefs and sea creatures can be found in here. Even, the rare coral reef, Blue Coral, can be found on the island.