Did you already hear about “My Global Welcome”?

An all female start-up, which is born from the direct experience of the German Michaela Reichler-Baldini, who moved to Italy in 1996.

“I want to create a network made of people, that satisfies in a simple and direct way the needs of those who have to go abroad for short periods of time but also of those who are moving long-term. My Global Welcome will eliminate the linguistic barriers and will make the world smaller and more welcoming. It will change the way we live the experience in foreign places, of moving around and to face daily issues”, promises Michaela.

The company announced that it will use the platform Indiegogo to raise the necessary funds for the project. Watch out for the campaign launch, on June 20th. A first preview of “My Global Welcome” is available on their website myglobalwelcome.weebly.com

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