Domenick Nati We all know that Hollywood plays a major role in America. Many of the key people who feed the media machine are unknown and stay behind the scenes. However, celebrity publicist Domenick Nati seems to enjoy some attention himself. His viral social media videos and posts have accumulated millions of views and been covered by TMZ, The New York Times, ESPN, and CNN to name a few.

We caught up with Nati to ask about his rising fame and his take on some hot topics.

SF Post: First of all what does a celebrity publicist do?

Domenick Nati: Good question. Every publicist has their own wheelhouse of contacts. My specialty is media PR like setting up interviews and generating news stories and also assisting with social media branding.

SF Post: What is it like to live the Hollywood life?

Domenick Nati: To be honest I don’t really live a super glamorous life. I sometimes walk red carpets and attend award shows but that’s mostly for skinny, attractive publicists so I usually hire them to do that for our clients.

SF Post: Why do they call you “The King of Contacts”?

Domenick Nati: That’s a nickname I got like ten years ago. I guess my best skill is finding contact info for high-profile people. It just kind of stuck.

SF Post: What celebrity did you enjoy working with the most?

Domenick Nati: I would have to say Will Ferrell. For as famous as he is, he is really down to earth. I worked with him on Talladega Nights and he is really cool.

SF Post: What celebrity did you not enjoy meeting or working with?

Domenick Nati: Honestly, the one that stands out is Steve Smith from the Baltimore Ravens. I met him a few times in Charlotte and he’s kind of a douche.

SF Post: Trump or Hillary?

Domenick Nati: I don’t know. I’ve never voted before. But my thought is, if they both suck why not choose Trump, at least he’s entertaining. I guess that’s why I don’t vote.

Domenick Nati SF Post: Bill O’Reilly disagrees with Colin Kaepernick’s protest. I know you tend to be more of a conservative. What do you think about all this?

Domenick Nati: Bill O’Reilly also complains about African American’s rioting to be heard, so you asked for a non-violent protest and you got it. Now he has a problem with that too. Personally, I love America and I doubt taking a knee during a song is going to change anything but if that’s how Colin feels then he can do that. Maybe Bill should take a knee on minority issues.

SF Post: What’s next for Nati Celebrity Services and your social media?

Domenick Nati: Who knows? Nati Celebs is doing the best it ever has and I really thank Jesus for that. As far as my social media, I’ll just keep making videos until either I die or my iPhone 7 does.

To keep up with Domenick Nati visit or follow him on social media at @NatiCelebs