You will find consultants and professional advisers in just about any area of business, but you probably do not know any consulting firms specializing on tech start-ups, not counting accelerators, which serve a different purpose.

When a company or an individual is looking into a new tech related business venture, they usually find help either on the tech side or help on the business side, and usually one set of advice does not fit with the other. If only there was a company that could offer consulting for both tech and business together… Well, my team and  I looked for such company and after long hours of research and filtering out start-up accelerators, we found one company offering such services. Interestingly enough, the Mexico City and Phoenix, Arizona based company offers services to clients primarily in the US and Mexico.

Metric Impact is the name of said company, and as its interesting name suggests, it impacts the world by empowering people and companies looking to excel in new tech ventures. The company offers the full package tailored to the customer’s needs, starting from market research and product testing all the way to programming and tech sourcing services. Metric Impact CEO, Pepe Kamel, who we interviewed and researched is well-rounded in the tech start-up scene. His experience is primarily in tech entrepreneurial ventures, having created or consulted for more than 35 successful companies since a young age. His first college degree was in Austin, TX majoring in entrepreneurship, but he also learned to program when he was a kid. This mix makes for a unique set of know-hows that result in expertise in all stages of a tech start-up. Pepe Kamel enjoys helping entrepreneurs and companies expanding to new markets to reach their goals by offering services that lie on the intersection of tech and business.

We’ve found a great asset for those looking for professional help specifically from a company that understands tech entrepreneurship we have found for you the right company.